I assume you are referring to the Championship Tournament in December. 
The regional tournaments are being held now.

Since the Championship Tournament is spread out over two days, there 
will be time for teams to do things between events. The activities 
referred to are classes, demonstrations, and other events designed to 
both entertain and educate FLL team members during the times they're not 
competing. For example, some of my colleagues are presenting an 
introductory computer science activity. The activities are open to team 
members only.

You'll be able to register team members for the activities beginning on 
the 19th.

There are also local community activities that anyone can attend, and 
these will eventually be listed under the Activities for Teams and 
Family Members tab. For example, the City of Harrisonburg holiday parade 
takes place Friday night, Dec 7th.


On 11/15/12 6:41 AM, David Lawrence wrote:
> Hi,
>   This is my first time going to the Regional Tournament. Can someone 
> explain what these activities are? Are they supplemental to the actual 
> competition? Are these just for team members, or do accompanying 
> parents and siblings participate? I just don't seem to see any 
> information about this on the website other than "Activities for 
> Parents and Family Members (TBA)" which I'm not sure if it is the same 
> thing Nick is referring to.
> -David Lawrence
> Coach Spegonauts
> Newport News, VA

Ralph F Grove, Ph.D.
James Madison University Department of Computer Science

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