Another FUN way to share our experiences with others and to make what we discover more important than what we win is to participate in the tournament SCAVENGER HUNT. Championship tournament teams that want to help create the scavenger hunt are asked to submit ONE question that can be answered by other teams who visit your team's project display in the "pit" on Sunday. Please include the answer in the online form so that coaches can help their teams self-check their answers. Since what we discover is more important than what we win, there are no prizes for completing the scavenger hunt. The hope is that the teams will use the scavenger hunt as a meaningful and fun way to visit each team's display and learn something new.


Visit the following link to complete the form for creating the scavenger hunt.


A scavenger hunt will be created from all entries submitted and made available on Sunday morning along with an answer key. Have fun and help your team discover something new!


IMPORTANT – You must submit your question and answer by Friday, December 7 at noon for it to be included in the printed scavenger hunt. Thanks!





Also, if your team has not already done so, consider sharing your team’s project problem and innovative solution at the following link.

Here is a link to the resulting spreadsheet showing each team’s response.







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