+1 (actually +1000).


I always told the team, "Remember, this is a sprint, not a marathon. You
will not get everything done; that's part of the challenge." And every year,
about two or three weeks before Regionals, NOTHING worked. And then things
would start to break loose, and by tournament day, we were OK - never
"great", but OK. And made State every year, so something went right.!


Putting my cynical glasses on (actually, I'm afraid they rarely come off
these days), it's a refreshing counterpoint to the modern
everybody-wins-a-trophy, just-give-them-another-chance/more-time kind of
attitude that's all too common. We've all heard stories about kids who get
jobs and think they can just show up late (or not at all) and are then
surprised when they get yelled at or fired. FLL is a gentle but solid dose
of reality - one that many kids can benefit from.


Phil Smith III


Coach, The Capital Girls (retired)

Team 1900 (2002)

Team 2497 (2003)

Team 2355 (2004)

Team 1945 (2005)


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I want to re-iterate what Nick, and others, have said.  Quite simply, there
is never enough time.  Never.  I coached for 7 years (and the teams did
well) and we never had enough time.  And that's how life is.  If we can
teach our FLLers how to make the most of the limited resources they have and
most notably the limited time they have available, then we've truly taught
them a life lesson.  FLL teaches kids about engineering, programming, team
work, Gracious Professionalism, and Co-opertition. VA/DC FLL's season adds
to those things by emphasizing time management, focus, and grace under
pressure.  And these are lessons I wish more people I come in contact with
professionally understood better.  The season may seem overwhelming at times
but don't forget that you are teaching your team valuable lessons in the

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