As you prepare for the FLL Event, just in case you wanted a team building fun time:

Have you ever wanted to see five foot robots launch frisbees into 80 foot goals? Have you ever wanted to watch robots that weigh more than 100 pounds climb 50 foot towers? Sounds really amazing and impossible, doesn’t it? Well it’s possible. And you can see it for yourself at ILITE robotics off-season event - IROC.

IROC stands for ILITE Robotics Offseason Challenge and features the previous year’s FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), that being the daunting competition of Ultimate Ascent. Ultimate Ascent combines ultimate frisbee and mountain climbing into one amazing challenge. IROC allows robots to battle it out in the field once again, and it lets everyone see how amazing robotics can be.

So ILITE would like to personally invite you and everyone else you know to IROC. Bring your friends and your family to come and watch Battlefield High School’s ILITE robotics team and 24 other teams from DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We will have concessions, a ‘Meet the FTC Teams’ where you can come and meet other students who are involved with a different type of robotics, and spin art. We are also holding charity drives - Toys for Tots and a food drive for haymarket Pantry. Please bring in any toys or nonperishable foods that you would like to donate, anything and everything is appreciated.

           ILITE robotics also hosts an FLL (FIRST LEGO League) on November 16th, as well as an FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) qualifying competition on December 14th. Both are open to the public and are all day events. This is after IROC, so be sure to look out for news for these fantastic events!

IROC Event:

Date:        November 2nd  2013

Location:  Battlefield High School

                15000  Graduation Drive

                 in Dominion Valley Haymarket  VA 20169
Professor Drake
Battlefield High School
Information Technology and Programming Faculty

ILITE Robotics Coach, FRC Team 1885, FTC, ZERO Robotics, Seaperch, Cyber Patriot
US FIRST FLL  and IROC Tournament Director
(571) 261-4726
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