My Code Crackers teams wants to add counter weight to the back of their robot to keep it from tipping due to a front heavy attachment.  They asked if they could use a spare NXT battery since it is manufactured by Lego.  In looking at rule 4 – Equipment, it depends on how batteries are classified.  To clarify if this is within the rules, are Lego batteries considered electric or non-electric? 


“REGULAR ELEMENTS - You may use as many non-electric LEGO elements as you like, including pneumatics, rubber bands,

and string, and they may be from any source or set (MINDSTORMS®/TECHNIC/DUPLO®/BIONICLE™/STAR WARS™/

HARRY POTTER™/etc.). Exception: Factory-made wind-up/pull-back "motors" are not allowed.


Scott Rakestraw


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