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November 13, 2013

Do you want to attend graduate school?  The most successful applicants to graduate school present evidence that predicts they will be superstar graduate students.  Are you accumulating that evidence?  If you are preparing to submit your application, can you frame your experiences such that people who see only the documentation you submit are impressed with your credentials and understand why you are an excellent match for the program that they offer?  Here are some of the key things graduate admissions committees look for in candidates:

·         Evidence of competence (GPA, grades in relevant courses, standardized test scores).

·         Evidence that you have been involved and engaged; you do much more than the minimum.  (Also the absence of narcissism or entitlement.)

·         Evidence of maturity, intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn.

·         Evidence of motivation, determination, and drive; you work hard.

·         Relevant experiences that have prepared you to make a logical and well-informed decision regarding the career plans you are pursuing through their graduate program; demonstration that your values and interests match those of the graduate program.

The ideal time to begin preparing is long before you need to submit your admissions application.  Begin accumulating evidence now! 

If you are already in Graduate School, are you getting the most out of your JMU experience?  Do you regularly demonstrate the characteristics of a superstar graduate student? Can you do more to get the full value from your graduate school experience?

Events & Opportunities


Ongoing Opportunities

·         The JMU Undergraduate Research Journal welcomes submissions from students enrolled in all JMU undergraduate programs. More information


·         Students and Faculty Honor Six New Doctors of Audiology (Communication Sciences and Disorders)

·         Interprofessional Day Encourages Collaboration (Graduate Psychology)

·         Processing Grief as a Professional Counselor (Graduate Psychology)

·         Preventing Sexual Assault (Health Sciences)

·         Dietetics Students Present Research (Health Sciences)

·         “For me, pursuing a fitness career just made sense.”  (Kinesiology)

·         The Virtual Examination Room (Nursing)

·         An American Nurse in Japan (Nursing)

·         Student Researcher Puts Spotlight on Sleep Deprivation (Psychology)

·         CHBS Majors go to Congress (Social Work)

·         CHBS Major is ready for the Future (Social Work)

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