1) Yes, the team is allowed to build a bucket or other container for storing people/pets.  The robot is allowed to push the bucket around the table, or the bucket may be attached to the robot.  Both are okay.

However--a bucket that is not attached to the robot may incur a Junk Penalty (probably 5 points), at the end of the match.   See Rule 13.

2)  Yes, the team may manipulate items in Base by hand while the robot is out of Base.  See Rule 21.

3)  The team should be prepared to work around this (Rule 19).  I cannot tell from the Field Setup illustration whether the bottle is standing up or not.  The fuel can is definitely not standing up.  The team may ask the referee to check and reload the truck, but may not ask for a "custom setup". 

4)  Tagging in and out may happen at any time (Rule 2).  Different referees handle it differently.  For myself, if one team member is leaving while a new one is coming in, then I think that's okay.  I just don't allow three people at once up at the table doing stuff (or in position to do stuff).

5)  The Challenge doesn't specify any dress code for coaches (although Gracious Professionalism discourages attire not appropriate at a public event with children.)  Many coaches wear team clothing, hats, etc. to support their team, and some will be more costumed.  As you note, it's not allowed for a costumed coach to be part of a presentation.  I have it on good authority that one Tournament Director this week will wear a tutu, and may have on a wig or other headgear.  Bottom line--yes, let your imagination run free!

Steve Scherr
VA/DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Christina's IPad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Our team will be participating in a tournament on 11/16 and have a couple last minute questions.  They had several last minute questions after our last meeting.  Any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.

1.  ROBOT GAME: If I understand the game rules correctly it is ok for the team to build a bucket to store their people/pets.  Is it acceptable to just push the bucket or does it have to be part of robot construction meaning it has to be attached somehow?

2.  ROBOT GAME: Furthermore, once pets/people are in base is it ok to use hands in base to put people in a bucket WHILE the robot is outside of base working on missions?  The bucket would not be attached to the robot at that time so the bucket would still be in base.

3.  ROBOT GAME: The team noticed on multiple occasions the water bottle falls out of the truck while running missions.  They'd like to know if they will be able to request the referee ensure the water is standing upright as opposed to laying on its side or is this one of those variables they should learn to work around?

4.  ROBOT GAME:  the team would like to tag each other between missions so everyone gets time at the table.  Are their restrictions we need to consider when tagging.  For example can they switch as soon as the 1st team hits start on the robot so 2nd team can come in to position attachments as needed in base?

5.  CORE VALUES: Is it ok for coaches to dress up in costume to support team theme even if I have no part in their presentation?

Thank you,
Christina Clark
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