The F6 Tornado Dominators would like to add their thanks as well - yesterday's tournament was fantastically fun for the boys and we appreciate all of the hard work that went into making it happen!  Ditto on Lloyd's feedback about the pit far the best layout I've seen.  We also appreciated having four table rounds in addition to the practice round as it gave the team more time to work out the kinks that invariably pop up between the practice table at home and competition tables at a tournament.  Of course, the boys were hoping that there would be another dance party this year and they were not disappointed - what a fun way to work off nervous energy at the end of the day.  

The team would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who attended the tournament.  As a result of your generous donations, the boys will now be sending $60 to the Red Crescent in Bangladesh to help support recovery efforts following a natural disaster (the parents also thank you for taking so much Halloween candy off their hands)...thank you!

Finally, we are excited to take up the challenge that was presented to us by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management to make sure that our own families are prepared for an emergency and to spread the word between now and December 31st.

Good luck to the teams competing next weekend and congratulations to the teams whose season will continue at the championship tournament next month.

Again, many thanks!

Brittany and Andrew Rose
The F6 Tornado Dominators

On Nov 10, 2013, at 6:42 AM, Lloyd O'Hara wrote:

The Crestwood Monarchs would like to thank Darlene Pantaleo, the judges, the referees, and all of the other volunteers who put on the LC Bird Regional Tournament.  It was a great day filled with Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition from all of the teams there.  
I don't know how Darlene pulled it off but the layout of the Pit Area, the fact that everything ran pretty much on time, and the very helpfull volunteers produced a relatively stress free day. 
Thank You for a tournament well done.
Lloyd O'Hara
The Crestwood Monarchs

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