Hello Jr FLL coaches.  
My team has moved up to FLL so we our selling our Jr FLL kit.  If anyone is interested, please email me directly with any questions.

Everything is in great condition.  The Intel Computer was only used during Jr FLL season so it has roughly 50-80 hours of use.

Selling everything for $600 + shipping.
  • Jr FLL Base Kit
  • Jr. FLL Robotics Kit + Resource Set
  • Intel Computer (touch screen, stylus pen, wifi, built in camera & microphone)
  • WeDo Software (already installed)
  • Mindstorms NXT software (already installed)
  • Coach's Guide w/Lesson plans
  • Bonus - Extra motors 
  • Bonus - Extra battery packs
  • Bonus - Extra Lego bricks
  • Bonus - Switch to easily power on/off
  • Bonus - extension wire
  • Bonus - lights

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