Hello Jr FLL coaches.  
My team has moved up to FLL so we our selling our Jr FLL kit.  If anyone is interested, please email me directly with any questions.

> Everything is in great condition.  The Intel Computer was only used during Jr FLL season so it has roughly 50-80 hours of use.

Selling everything for $600 + shipping.
> Jr FLL Base Kit
> Jr. FLL Robotics Kit + Resource Set
> Intel Computer (touch screen, stylus pen, wifi, built in camera & microphone)
> WeDo Software (already installed)
> Mindstorms NXT software (already installed)
> Coach's Guide w/Lesson plans
> Bonus - Extra motors 
> Bonus - Extra battery packs
> Bonus - Extra Lego bricks
> Bonus - Switch to easily power on/off
> Bonus - extension wire
> Bonus - lights

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