I have a well loved FLL table available free of charge, for whomever needs one.  And this is no regular table, mind you.  It has an great history (it was the practice table of the 2010 VADCFLL Division 2 state champions Vector 67 and the practice table for the 2012 VADCFLL Division 1 state champions, the Cellar Dwellers) and is looking for a new home.

Again, itís available free of charge. The only caveat is that you need to transport it from my house in Vienna.  (Itís a sturdy plywood and 2x4 construction)

Contact me offline at [log in to unmask] if youíre interested.



John J. Barrett
Industrial Medium Software, Inc. | 1616 Anderson Road | McLean, VA 22102 | http://www.industrialmedium.com
(cell) 703-231-5094 | (office) 703-286-0818 | (fax) 703-286-0888

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