Earlier this year, Yahoo and AOL made changes to their email policies 
that resulted in messages originating from email lists based on the 
popular Listserv application to be rejected (VADCFLL-L runs on a 
Listserv server at JMU). L-Soft, the company that maintains Listserv, is 
working on a fix for this issue, but it is a significant change that 
will take some time to develop and implement.

If you have a Yahoo.com or AOL.com account, unfortunately this means 
that you will not be able to post messages to VADCFLL-L for the time 
being (you will still receive messages posted by others). Until this 
issue is resolved by L-Soft, Yahoo and AOL subscribers will need to use 
a secondary email address (e.g., gmail or corporate mail) to post 
messages to VADCFLL-L. To subscribe, visit:

We'll restore posting access for Yahoo and AOL accounts as soon as the 
software upgrades from L-Soft can be obtained and installed on our servers.


Ralph F Grove, Ph.D.
James Madison University Department of Computer Science

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