Hi Skip,
I am sorry, I didn't see your reply before I just sent the email above.  If
you go to the VA/DC FLL site, they have a helpful set of instructions here
about registering a team:


I will try to answer your questions below:

If you have already created an account, and registered a team, then go back
into your account and select that team.  This is the page where you sign in:


Click on "Team Summary" for your team.  Scroll down to the bottom and you
will see a place to "Invite".  Click on that to invite each parent who has
a child on your team.  You will need to also do this for yourself if you
have a child on your team, as you will be creating a separate account for
your child as a team member.  (It is separate because it is a separate
place, but you can use the same email and password you have for your coach
account.)  You need to invite each child on the team.

They will then get an email saying "congrats you've been invited to Team
XYZ" and will be given a link to create an account for their child.  This
is how they enter in the birthdate which determines which division your
team is in and how they accept the consent form.  It should all be there in
the email they receive.  You can invite yourself first so that you can
better explain it to your parents after you have done it.

After the parents have done their part, you will need to go back into your
coach account, scroll down to the bottom again and click on "Edit/View"
Student Team Members.  Then you will see a list of your team members and
you can either Accept or Decline them.  After that, you are able to print a

Hope that helps!

On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Skip Morrow <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Sorry for all of the clueless questions!
> Skip

Don't worry about that at all!  I am not an expert, but I have already
registered my team, so I am just sharing from that experience.  The email
address that is there in your account for support is also really helpful,
and they give really fast responses if you have questions while you are
registering the team.  For example, I am not sure when you have to have
everyone registered by.

FLL coach

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