Good afternoon.  I am a new coach for this year.  I am trying to get all
the information together and get my team registered.  I have a question
about the project part of the competition.  For the project presentation,
will there be PowerPoint and a screen available for the presentation?  What
should I expect for the presentation of the project?  For clarification on
the project, is the focus on the best ways to teach someone or a group of
people a particular technology or skill?  I want to make sure I am steering
my team in the right direction.

Also, do I need to bring my table for the robot part of the competition or
will a table be provided for the robot game?  I am assuming a table will be
provided since the table is too big and heavy for transporting.  Thank you
in advance for any advice.


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> wrote:

>  Welcome to the 2014 FLL season—World Class!  We have information about
> the VA-DC FLL Regional Registration process that everyone (including
> returning coaches) should read below.
> We will be collecting a VA-DC FLL Regional Registration Fee.  There will
> be NO separate regional tournament registration fee.  The VA-DC FLL
> Regional Registration fee will cover services available to VA-DC FLL teams
> including team development, coach support and planning for regional
> qualifying tournaments.  Teams registered with the VA-DC FLL Region can
> sign up for one (1) regional qualifying tournament.  Details about payment
> options are noted below and on our website at   Coaches
> will also receive reminder emails during the registration process.  There
> is a Frequently Asked Questions link on the registration page that will be
> able to answer most questions associated with the registration process.
> To help expedite this new registration process, VA-DC FLL teams can start
> this registration process now.  Go to
> and go to Part 3.
> There are 4 steps and a confirmation email will be sent after the
> completion of each step.
> 1.       Enter FLL team information (team name, national FLL team number,
> coach contact info, etc.).  FLL team MUST be registered with FIRST for the
> 2014 World Class season before registering with the VA-DC FLL Region.
> FIRST will issue the FLL team number.  To register with FIRST, go to:
> 2.       Pay the $100 VA-DC FLL Regional Registration Fee (due by
> 10/10/2014).  Make sure to use your FLL National Registration number.
> Options for payment include:
> a.       Credit card online payment: An additional $2.50 credit card
> processing fee will be charged with this option.  Go to:
> (select the $100 Regional Registration option)
> b.      Pay by check: Send a check for $100 to the address below. Be sure
> to include your team number on the check so that it can be correctly
> credited. Multiple payments may be included in the same check, but each
> team number must be indicated.
> c.       Pay by purchase order: Purchase orders are acceptable from any
> VA or DC school system. Send your purchase order to the address below. Be
> sure to include your team number on the PO so that it can be correctly
> credited. Multiple payments may be included in the same PO, but each team
> number must be indicated. Mailing address for check and P.O. payments:
> James Madison University
> 800 S. Main, MSC 6911
> Harrisonburg, VA 22807
> 3.       Enter team member information (team member name, date of birth,
> etc.). Date of birth determines the team’s VA-DC FLL division – please be
> accurate and complete
> 4.       Regional Qualifying Tournament Preference Selection (pick 1st,
> 2nd and 3rd choice). This final step (selection of tournaments) will not be
> available until October 1st.  Assignments are based on a first-come,
> first-serve basis based on tournament selection so starting registration
> now will not guarantee you preference but does give you ample time collect
> team member information ahead of time.
> You will be able to come back and make updates/changes as needed until the
> end of the registration period on October 10th.  We will send out reminders
> when we get close to the opening of the regional tournament selection
> portion.
> Below are important notes about the registration process…
> New this year, FIRST has implemented a child protection policy and
> requires background checks and other safeguards.  More information is
> available on the US FIRST website or by contacting [log in to unmask]
> ·         Your national FLL team number as provided by FIRST.
> ·         Contact information for the coach.
> ·         Team member details including name, gender, date of birth (for
> assignment of age division), whether or not the team member has
> participated in FLL before.
> ·         Top three choices (in order) for tournament sites (this part
> will not open until 10/1/2014)
> ·         Because we know that a number of you are managers and/or
> coaches for more than one team, you will have the option to register
> multiple teams and list different coaches for each team.  If you register
> more than one team then you will be responsible for any updates to each
> team that you register or you will need to share your log in information
> with individual managers to do so themselves.
> ·         Please be aware that cookies must be enabled on your computer
> in order to use the registration system.  If this poses a problem in your
> school or place of business, you will need to use another computer or have
> someone else register for you.
> ·         Any manager/coach email addresses provided will be
> automatically added to the email list from which administrative messages
> will be sent.
> ·         There may be a delay of up to 1 week between when you register
> you team with USFIRST and when you are able to start the registration
> process as we normally update our registration server once a week.  We will
> make sure that all registered teams have been added prior to the start of
> official regional tournament registration on October 1st.
> * Even if you don't plan to register a team for a VA-DC FLL regional
> tournament this season, please log in and make note of that so that we
> don't have to contact you separately (there will be a clear place to
> indicate this on the first page).  This will help save time for our very
> busy volunteers who would otherwise have to follow up directly with any
> unregistered teams.
> If you have any questions, please send them to [log in to unmask]
> Thank you for all that you do and we look forward to an exciting FLL season!
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