FTC Team #4592 (Nuts and Bolts) is hosting a FTC Workshop for FLL teams in the 
Chantilly area on Monday, Sep-29, from 6pm to 9pm at Rocky Run MS (in the 
Little Theater Room). The workshop is FREE and designed for both FLL team 
members, parents, and coaches. A short briefing on the FTC program, costs, 
differences and similarities to the FLL program will be provided at the start of the 
workshop. The workshop will then provide hands-on opportunities for the FLL 
kinds and attendees to work with CAD software, learn some basic ROBOTC, build 
a robot chassis using TETRIX parts, learn about the electrical subsystem, and see 
last season's working robot that made it to the Super-Regional Tournament in PA 
and just missed qualifying for the FTC World Championship. Last year, the team 
won numerous regional, state, and super-regional awards, including 2nd place 
Inspire Award at State and won the Promote Award at both State and Super-
Regional. A flyer for the workshop at attached.

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