Second question of the day!

Does VA-DC use the same rubric as the national league?
When and how is it filled out? From what I understand, the tournament is composed of two (or is it three) robot games (best score saved) and the 5-minute project presentation. When do we show off our code and mechanical design for the robot? How will they assess teamwork? Core values? Some of the grading criteria seem like they would be hard to asses in such a short time.

Specifically, I do have a question about one particular item on the rubric. On the Robot Design Page, under Mechanical Efficiency, the Exemplary criteria states "streamlined use of parts and time to repair/modify". What do they mean by having time to repair/modify?

For the coopertition, I totally have this vision of every team running around, trying to do something for another team in an effort to show the judges that they met the objective! Not a bad thing--I am just trying to think of ways to make my team stand out.



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