From the CyberTigers #5234,

Robot Bill is spot on with his comment.  We are a school based team that doesn't really get going until mid-September.  We meet twice a week for 2 hours and never have enough time to do "everything" to prepare for competition.  This is my fourth year coaching, and every team has been different--even with a 90% return rate year to year.

After the competition is complete, we move on to other activities that help teach the basic prinicples associated with programming, robot design, strategy, and just about anything else the team may be interested in.  Last year, after the season, we participated in the Hour of Code, held our own SumoBot competition, SpeedBot competition, and the ultimate challenge of Capture the Flag--RobotStyle.  The last challenge, without a doubt, was the favorite of every student.

Remember, what we discover is more important than what we win, and you'll be fine.

Best wishes for a great experience.


James Garner
Coach and Pizza Delivery Guy for the CyberTigers
Team #5234

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I'd like to add a footnote to this conversation if I may. Please don't fret too much over how much your team does or does participate in the off season.

The teams in FLL compete at all different levels. There are rookie teams and veteran teams. Some teams can compete at the qualifier-level, some at the state championship level and some at the World Festival level. They are ALL great teams.

Please do not compare your teams by how much you participate and how far you go in FLL. As long as your teams are having fun and learning, your seasons will be successful.

I am concerned that there might be rookie teams on this listserve who are reading these comments and *fretting* over how much they are doing with respect to the other teams in FLL. Do not worry. Do your best this year and try to learn from the others to prepare for next year. All teams had to be rookies at one time and they all go through the same growth process.

Do well, have fun and we'll see you at the tournaments!

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