I think I read here (or on the national FLL site, sorry, I'm not sure which)
that we won't know what, if any, items will be in the judging room when we
present our project.  So, for instance, we don't know if there will be
desks/chairs/tables available to use.

I'm trying to figure out how we can create a skit if we don't know if there
will be things like tables and chairs or desks available.  Do we bring
folding chairs and hope we don't have to use them?  It's difficult to give
the kids any guidance about props etc. when we have no clue what we'll be

How have you veteran coaches handled this in the past?  Our skit will take
place in a classroom, so at least one desk/chair setup would be "necessary"
to make it "realistic."  My literalist kids are having a very difficult time
accepting that we may just not know until we get there.

Thanks a million!

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