Hello FLL teams,

This is Fei Wong, co-coach of the Lego Trollerz, a 5th grade team.  As part of our project, we've arranged a special lecture by one of the parents.  Please see the description below.  We are extending an invitation to all teams to attend this lecture.  Please forward the invite to your team members.  We would appreciate your support!


Social Media and Kids

Social Media - have you ever wondered what all the buzz is about?  Why is it so popular?  How can it help me?

As part of our project for this year's FLL challenge, "World Class" - the Lego Trollerz invite you to join us for a lecture by Professor Xiaomei Cai of George Mason University.  She will discuss types of social media, how social media can be used to learn and share ideas and what impact social media could have on kids.  This lecture is appropriate for both adults and kids (probably starting about age 8).

Saturday Oct 18, 2014
4:15 - 5:15 pm
Robinson A Hall, room 111. 
Park at the Mason Pond visitor parking deck and exit on the second level. See attached campus map (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B78LcLdCr4CwYVBaazJuLXVGZ3M/view?usp=sharing)


Space is limited.  Register now to secure your spot.

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