I agree with the previous comments, no one will notice it during the tournament and we do suggest that there is no point in ever trying to use the sound sensor for just that reason. But, during development I encourage the kids to use the tone feature to know where the program is executing. It certainly helps using two different tones during line following too. They pretty much delete all the sound files since they take up room in memory but the tones can be combined to make some interesting robot noises for practice.

Mr. Randy
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Subject: [VADCFLL-L] Robot programming - sounds permitted?

Last minute rookie question:  My team is very focused on music (in fact, their 
research/project deals with learning music).  In programming the robot missions, 
they made the robot make a sound (a beep) after it completes several missions.  
I don’t see anything against this in rules, but wondering if it might be 
considered a distraction to the other team at the robot table. Does anyone have 
any thoughts on whether I should encourage them to remove the sound from the 
robot missions?

Much thanks,
Kelly Abramson
Redstone Robotics #9433

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