Hi, all.  Our team has been having a great time with the missions this year.  They have been using the medium (rotary) motor for a couple of missions, but it has been mis-behaving and I'm looking for suggestions.  Here is the behavior:

1) The kids put an arm on it and move it to the correct position (backdriving the motor).

2) They reset the motor in code before it is used.

3) Sometimes (20%?) the rotary motor spins like crazy over and over causing a failed mission and stop mission penalty.

The only fix the kids have found for this has been to unplug and then plug in the motor from the EV3 controller before the mission, but that takes time and sometimes doesn't work either.

My guess is that backdriving the motor at the beginning is the source of the problem, but there is no way NOT to do that at least a little.

Earlier in the season the kids tried changing ports (no luck) and wires (no luck).  We haven't changed motors because we don't have a spare.

Has anyone else had this same problem?  Any possible fixes?  Bad motor or something else?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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