I saw about ¼” gap on both east/west sides of the tables this weekend.  At least the mats we had at the USPTO were definitely smaller than previous years – I can assure you that the tables have not changed dimensions but there does appear to be a larger than normal degree of variability in the mat sizes.

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I haven't seen all the tables in use at VA-DC FLL tournaments, but I would not normally expect a gap of over 1/2"
All the tables should have been built to the sizing specifications in the Field Setup document, but there certainly can be variations due to wood warping, and general wear and tear.
Steve Scherr

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Is there a Min/Max gap between the walls/mat that we can expect on the tournament tables?  I know that it's variable and our solution should be good within 1/4" of our practice table (which has a 1/4" gap).  If the gap can be MORE than 1/2" we might need to re-think things.

Frank Levine

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