Robot Design Judging:  Be ready to talk about what your robot can do, and how you designed it and programmed it to work on the Challenge missions, and why you made the choices you did.  The judges will have a Robot Game table, and will probably ask you to demonstrate one or two of your favorite programs.

Core Values Judging:  The judges will give you a few minutes to work as a team on a secret task.  Then they'll spend about 5 minutes asking you questions so they can see how your team understands and lives the FLL Core Values.  By the way, the secret task is just for fun--the judges are really mostly interested in how you work together!

Optional--Core Values Poster/Robot Design Executive Summary:  The FLL Judging and Awards page mentions an optional Core Values poster and Robot Design summary.  We do not require these in Virginia-DC FLL.  As several coaches have commented, these types of poster can be used to enhance visibility for other teams and judges of the key aspects of your team's demonstration of the core values promoted by FIRST or your design principles and proces.  They can be displayed at your pit and brought into the judging session to help facilitate discussions.  Mostly, thinking about what you would put on a poster will help your team to review what you'd like to discuss with the judges.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 9:51 PM, Hal Swetnam <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Does the team have to have a Core Values poster for their Core Values event? And is this an actual presentation or just a spontaneous exercise?
Also, does the team prepare an actual presentation for Robot Design Judging or is this more of a Q&A?  Do they need to prepare an executive summary - at least for their own benefit?
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