Hello Everyone,
 Thanks everyone who has send me an email showing their interest in buying the kits. This was my first time to coach a FLL team and I never expected to get such an overwhelming response from the FLL group. I am so sorry that I couldn't respond to you individually as there are so many emails-- So I thought it is better to send an email with the combined information. 
We bought one of our EV3 kits from FLL site and the other one from the Lego.com. The first kit from FLL was for$560, it includes the extended set also. The second one was for $541.The second one didn't include the extension set. We bought them in September 2014. It is an education set.
The asking price is $385.
We are located in Centreville, Fairfax county. We will not be able to mail them, we would like the interested people to come over and pick them up. 
Please send me an email to schedule an appointment to have a look at the kits. 
If you any other question, please email me.

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