At the Harrisonburg state championship, we got an empty packet with no Rubrics inside. This was the case with several other teams too. We were asked to write down our team name and email address so that it could be scanned and sent out when found. Nick and team did a thorough search and did not find our Rubrics yet.
Kids were looking forward to the rubrics, since this will tell them where they fell short and how to improve on areas. Rubrics is a very good feedback which kids really wanted to look at and are very disappointed.
We had noticed that some teams were complaining about other teams Rubrics in their packet. So if anyone received the  Rubrics for team 1540 Cascades Thunderbots in their packet, could you please let me know. It would be of really helpful if I could trace it and get it back.
Thanks and Regards
Saji Sukumaran
Team 1540 Cascades Thunderbots

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