I'm not sure I am seeing what has changed. The dates listed on the USFIRST website have had Aug 25 listed as the date when the mission model building instructions would be released for at least a few weeks. What am I missing here?


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To VA-DC FLL Team Coaches and Parents:

Just in case you didn't receive this message (see below)...I just wanted to share the info with all of you.

Enjoy your 2015 FLL Trash Trek season!

With high 5's and great admiration,


Angie Fontanilla
Senior Mentor, Washington, DC, FIRST 

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Sent: Monday, August 3, 2015 3:50 PM
Subject: FLL Team Blast: 1. Mission Model Build Instructions; 2. Guess the missions; 3. Ask an Expert webinars; 4. Celebrate; 5. Spread the word; 6. Sponsor thank-you
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“Kids are going to be able to do something that will not only have an immediate effect, but a long-term effect. The things they dream now can become reality.” - Nicole Adewale, World Festival Emcee and TRASH TREKSM Challenge Advisory Team member


Construction detour

The Mission Model Build Instruction release has been moved to coincide with Global Challenge release at noon ET on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Remind me again…

Field Setup Kit delivery has been unexpectedly and unavoidably delayed, so in interest of fairness, FIRST® LEGO® League staff moved the release to the same day.

The controversy

Some teams are understandably upset that a favorite pre-season activity has been eliminated from the summer schedule. Other teams feel it is more fair to get everything at once, so the playing field is level.

The scoop

Staff will review this decision for the 2016-17 season and decide whether to stay the course with a later release or return to an earlier reveal. We do appreciate everyone’s Gracious Professionalism® which has been evident from all sides of the issue.


Challenge accepted!

With a new FLL season just around the corner, FIRST® and LEGO® Education decided that we wanted to have some fun and we would like you on board!

We are SO excited to get to know more about this year’s Challenge and to be able to keep us busy, we would like to engage with you and your team in a quick little contest with a really nice surprise to win in the end. What do you say - are you ready to try to guess the robot missions in the new season!!? Tell us what missions you think will be included.

What do I do? 

First: Share the news with your team and friends. Get together and be creative about the missions you think will be included. 
Then: Play, learn and have fun. 
And so: Document your suggestion via photos or video.

How do I do it?

Reply to this post and share your photos and/or video and tell your story to all of the other members. We know you have not built the models yet, but we are very interested to see your ideas. You might be closer to an actual mission than you know! 

If you are doing a video – please post on YouTube, email the link to FIRST® at [log in to unmask] and include in the community post afterwards.

When does it start?
Monday, Aug. 3.

When does it end?
Tuesday, Aug. 25

When do we find out who wins?
Tuesday, Sept. 1.

What do we get if we win?

The winning team/coach receives a goodie bag with EV3 and FLL surprises. (Spoiler alert: Not an actual robot. Sorry. But still really cool, we promise.) You don't want to miss it!

Please note: Only coaches can participate on behalf of FLL Teams. You have to be a LEGO Education Community Member to post your story. Only one submission per team. All coaches will need to make sure to get permission of all photo and video documentation from team members’ parents before posting. All posts will be evaluated and the one closest to the actual mission of the TRASH TREKSM Robot Game wins. 

This will solely be decided by game makers from FIRST® and LEGO® Education. The winner will be contacted directly via a private email in the LEGO Education Community and also posted directly afterwards.

Good luck!


The power is yours!

Leesa Carter, Executive Director of the Captain Planet Foundation, is on deck for our next Ask an Expert webinar, scheduled for 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 5. Register here for her perspective on why this year’s Challenge is so important and cool.

Leesa was a member of our Challenge Advisory Team this season, but she won’t be divulging any TRASH TREKSM secrets. All will be revealed at Global Challenge release at noon ET on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Expertise explosion

Lee Magpili’s Ask an Expert webinar on Programming and Team Management is now live. Lee works on the EV3 as part of his job at LEGO® Education, so he definitely knows his stuff, but he is also an experienced FIRST® LEGO® League coach. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the wisdom-sharing bonanza. Be warned, the welcome screen plays for about 30 seconds.

Bummer. I missed it!

Fear not! A second installment is on the calendar for 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Register here. The full schedule of webinars is posted on the Coach/Team Resources page at


Hands in the air and high fives to any team who has successfully learned how to program their robot to follow a line this summer.

Now, take a bow all you teams who are using this time to do some early research on those potential Project ideas.

Finally, let’s give a cheer to teams who have settled on a decision-making strategy with our Core Values in mind.

Tell us all about your team’s summer activities and achievements with a tweet to @firstlegoleague.


Share your excitement about the TRASH TREK season with your friends. It’s not too late for them to start or join a team!


Here’s where we thank our awesome FIRST® LEGO® League Global Sponsors, who generously provide the support for our season and teams worldwide. Give it up for 3M, NI, Rockwell Automation, and, of course, LEGO®!


This email blast is coming at you like a spider monkey from FIRST® Headquarters in beautiful downtown Manchester, NH, USA. Be sure to watch for news and messages from your regional FIRST LEGO League contacts.

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