VADCFLL coaches:


Just opened our newly arrived field kit last night and was surprised to find out that there are no assembly instructions. The FLL competition web site indicates that building instructions will be released with the challenge on Aug 25th. 


Does anyone know why this change was made?


Our home based team, which only meets during the competition season, has always used the assembly process as a way of recruiting and introducing new members to the team prior to the big kickoff. We cancelled 3 scheduled meetings as a result of this change.


Although this will be our last year as a team (everyone is growing up too fast J), I would like FLL to reconsider this change in the hope that it will help other teams in the future. Would appreciate knowing what the coaching community thinks.



Bob Henshaw


2007-8 Team Mind Machine

2009 Team Rockin Robots

2010-11 Team Dr Dangerous

2011-12 Team Dynamite

2013-15 Team Dynamite Twisters



Ann and Bob Henshaw

3808 Fort Worth Ave

Alexandria, VA 22304


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