Hi Anita,
I am not sure what is happening, but I know that you do not need a
different address when you register your child.  You can use the same
address that you have registered yourself as a coach.  I would probably
just wait until Monday and call the FIRST office.  They are super helpful
and can walk you through whatever the problem is.  Here is the number:

Phone: (603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326

So, you are saying that you sent an invite to yourself from the TIMS (the
one for coaches), and then when you go into the STIMS (the one for team
members), you can't sign in?  I think you need to create a new account, but
it's been a while since I did it.  I do know though that you can use the
same email address, because I wondered about that last year and called the
office to find out.

I tried to log into the STIMS this evening, and it said it was temporarily
down, so it might be a system issue.  Maybe try again in the morning?

Coach of the Brick Dawgs

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