Hi everyone,
Sorry to send this to all, but I have a class coming in and need to get this through to JMU asap.  We just registered a team here about 1/2 hour ago, but the number isn't being recognized yet by the JMU VA/DC FLL site to pay the $100.  It is our 2nd team and I need to make sure that I try for the same location for the tournament.  Can someone please (pretty please!) enter this team so my bookkeeper can pay for them this afternoon prior to tournament registration tomorrow?  I will bring chocolates to you! 😊

Greetings Team 21727,

You have paid $225.00 (U.S.) for the 2015 FLL Season Team Registration.

Payment Record:

Team #: 21727

Cardholder: Penn Elementary Supply 1
12980 Queen Chapel Road
Woodbridge VA 20112

Thanks all for your patience... just a slight panic over here.  We have so many kids that want to be in robotics it is tough to have to disappoint so many...


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