Folks if haven’t heard….

Woodie Flowers<> is coming to the “Meet the Experts” festival at the USPTO this Saturday.  Woodie, along with Dean Kamen, founded the FIRST organization.  He’s a wonderfully inspiring speaker, an expert on creativity and robotics, a retired MIT engineering professor – and a really cool guy.  He’ll be wearing one of his trademark “sign my shirt” shirts - don’t miss the opportunity to get your name on his denim.  He’s a rockstar in the world of FIRST – most people only get to see him in Saint Louis at the World Championship!

This will be a great opportunity for you to meet other teams and get advice from experts from the field.

We also just found out that Dr. Dean Roberts from <> Rolls-Royce North America<> will be joining us as well.

Please take the time to register for the event<>!

Booz Allen<> (thanks to Laura Hayman) is hosting and will provide refreshments based on registration numbers.  You can find the link to register at the top of our homepage:

Look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!


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