Folks if haven’t heard….

Woodie Flowers is coming to the “Meet the Experts” festival at the USPTO this Saturday.  Woodie, along with Dean Kamen, founded the FIRST organization.  He’s a wonderfully inspiring speaker, an expert on creativity and robotics, a retired MIT engineering professor – and a really cool guy.  He’ll be wearing one of his trademark “sign my shirt” shirts - don’t miss the opportunity to get your name on his denim.  He’s a rockstar in the world of FIRST – most people only get to see him in Saint Louis at the World Championship!

This will be a great opportunity for you to meet other teams and get advice from experts from the field.

We also just found out that Dr. Dean Roberts from Rolls-Royce North America will be joining us as well.

Please take the time to register for the event!

Booz Allen (thanks to Laura Hayman) is hosting and will provide refreshments based on registration numbers.  You can find the link to register at the top of our homepage:

Look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!


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