Are there any plans to have a Jr FLL Expo on the Virginia side in early
spring of 2016?  With most counties in the region not being able to start
school until after Labor Day, that puts any school based teams at a
disadvantage.  We simply don't have time to recruit the team and prepare
for an expo as early as November as most teams don't have a chance to kick
off until late October.  Between Fairfax, Loudoun & Prince WIlliam, there
are over 300,000 students.  I am certain if an Expo were held on the VA
side, it would be well attended.  Having that Expo goal in sight helps the
coaches, and students, drive towards completion.  It's a remarkable
experience for all involved and I want to make sure my team has the
opportunity, but we aren't pressuring them too much.

Can someone provide insight?

Nita Payton
Navy Elementary, JrFLL Committe Co-Chair

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