No, absolutely not correct.  There is no point over the Truck Guide that is
also completely east of the Truck Guide.

The Transport mission is clear and not deceptive.  Here's how I see a
team's mission development process working:

Teams can load the Yellow Bin onto the Truck by pushing the Truck down the
guide.  That's 50 points.

Teams can keep pushing the Truck until or past the end of the Guide, so
that the Bin is completely east of the Truck Guide, and the Yellow Bin
dumps off.  That's 60 points.

Then Teams can be annoyed and try to figure out how to score both.  Yes,
thinking out of the box is usually needed to take that extra step, as the
Game Updates and my cryptic comments indicated.

If a Team doesn't have a workable idea to satisfy both scoring options for
Transport, then they can optimize their score by choosing to go fast for 50
points or far for 60 points and work on other stuff.  The Robot Game is
full of opportunities for different strategic choices by teams, and there
is no pre-defined optimal path through the missions.

Steve Scherr

P.S. For rookie coaches and teams--we do not encourage providing specific
solutions or posting videos on this discussion list, so that other teams
can continue to experience the joy of discovering solutions by themselves.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks <
[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Oh.. is that possible without lifting the truck up and over the dump-tab
> at the end of the track?  If so, I didn't even realize this (nor did anyone
> I asked).  If scoring both 50+60 is possible simply by detecting that final
> black line and stopping at that point.. that REALLY needs to be spelled out
> as a goal.  Trying to decipher intent through cold hard rules is very
> difficult. Our season is over and we're still just now (as a group)
> deciphering intent of the mission goals.
> Can someone in the know let us know.. was the intent of the truck mission
> to push it to a specific point.. so that the load was not dumped, but still
> east of the guide rail? If so.. no one I spoke to (including the refs)
> seemed to perceive or communicate this desired end state.
> Tweeks

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