D05 defines an Interruption to be when you "interact with the Robot."

Taking off a Plastic Bag that moves part of the Robot is clearly interacting with the Robot, so the situation described is an Interruption and the Robot is subject to Interruption Penalties and needs to re-launch in order to continue. 

As general advice, it's not a good strategy to rely on possible borderline conditions during the middle of a match. If you might need to explain it to the referee, then it can cause you to lose precious seconds. Penalty objects can be removed from the mat after a discussion with the ref, but you cannot get the time back in that match.

Generally, if a team takes a Model that the Robot is transporting, then I will always call that an Interruption, since "changing what the Robot is carrying" is interacting with the Robot to me. 

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, Katie Geiser-Bush <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello all:
One of the kids on the team asked a question that we could not answer by studying the rules. If the robot retrieves an item, such as one of the plastic bags, and brings the item completely into safety and pauses for a period of time before continuing with its program, but the robot is not completely in safety, can a team member retrieve the item during the pause as long as they do not touch the robot?
In the specific case, retrieving the item would move part of the robot, but the team member does not touch the robot. They are not interrupting the robot and not touching the robot, so I am passing this question on to the better informed.
Thanks in advance,
Michael Bush

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