Hi All,
  We are going through final rehearsals for our tournament tonight and a question came up.  We use a tupperware bin to hold all of our attachments during the match. The technicians would like to place that bin in the West Transfer area during the match so they can both be free to do their jobs.  Assuming that we do not use the West Transfer area, is that allowed?  My reading of Rule R11 says that it is...

R11 – Workspace and Storage 
● ON THE FIELD: Handling and storage of allowable things may extend out of Safety, into adjacent irrelevant Field space only if specific actions and locations are completely non-strategic. 
● OFF THE FIELD: Equipment and Models are not allowed on the floor.

  Given the delicate choreography that they are rehearsing (both kids have specific actions to perform between missions) we would like to get a warm-fuzzy that this will not be a problem at the tournament.

A followup that I have - As articles come back from missions (bars, compost, toys, etc) do they need to stay in safety, or do they fall under the "allowable things" definition of R11.  Obviously they have to be in safety at the end of the match, this is more about what they do with them during the actual match.

Frank Levine

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