Teams reading of the Scrap Car Mission for the Windshield part is that If
the Car *itself is not in its original position *on the Mat (car has
moved), but the Windshield is still installed in the proper space &
direction at the end of the match, they do get 65 points.  As long as the
Car never cross into the Safety.

Value: 65 The Engine/Windshield unit is installed in the unfolded *Car in
the proper space* and direction.*

"Proper Space" in the above line relates to the Windshield space not the
original location of the car on the mat, right ?

●  Specific physical requirement, visible at the end of the match as needed
(Score Only One Way):

●  *Leniency: Full/exact nesting is not required.

●  Method Constraint: The Car must never cross into Safety, even partly.


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