Teams reading of the Scrap Car Mission for the Windshield part is that If the Car itself is not in its original position on the Mat (car has moved), but the Windshield is still installed in the proper space & direction at the end of the match, they do get 65 points.  As long as the Car never cross into the Safety.

Value: 65 The Engine/Windshield unit is installed in the unfolded Car in the proper space and direction.*   

"Proper Space" in the above line relates to the Windshield space not the original location of the car on the mat, right ?

●  Specific physical requirement, visible at the end of the match as needed (Score Only One Way):

●  *Leniency: Full/exact nesting is not required.

●  Method Constraint: The Car must never cross into Safety, even partly.


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