Yes, the team is always allowed to Interrupt the robot and bring it back to Base.
One consequence is that there may be a (substantial) Penalty if they do.

But, different teams have different capabilities and goals.  Don't let the fear of Venalities keep you from trying to do things.  If the team needs to hand-carry the robot base to Base, but then is able to accomplish another mission because of that, that means, in most cases, that the team gets more points (and way more satisfaction) than from just doing nothing.

Yes, the highest-scoring teams and the most skilled programmers take pride in having their robot navigate back completely in Base before Interrupting it, and that is a worthwhile goal for all teams.

Sometimes the better strategy for a particular team is just to try as many things as they can, and accepting a few Penalties may be part of that.  Remember, there are only five Penalty objects (disk manure), so there's a limit on how many negative points may be scored by the team.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

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