The regional tournament assignments are now posted and can be accessed at or from the main web page. 

They can be sorted different ways so you can look up your assignments by team number or by tournament.  Make sure to look at the team numbers as with over 450 teams competing there are multiple teams with the same or very similar names.  Please also check to ensure that your division is correct (this is based on birthdays that were entered so if they are correct, you are in the correct division).
Tournament assignments were made on a first-come, first-serve basis and a few tournaments were limited to only a single division because not enough teams from the other division selected those events (Falls Church 2, Martinsville).  We also had to cancel the Glen Allen tournament due to a number of reasons so all of the teams that selected that event were placed in their 2nd choice events.  We were able to get just over 80% of teams into their first choices.  If you did not get your first choice, it’s because that event was already full by the time your registration came up in order.  While every effort was made to get those teams into the 2nd or if necessary, 3rd choices, there are ~35 teams that we were not able to place into any of their 3 choices (we had close to 100 teams select the exact same 3 tournaments as their 3 choices, let alone all the teams that selected one or two of those events).  In those cases, an effort was made to match them with an event based on the dates and locations of their 3 choices and picking the best matches but we were not able to match the date in all cases because there was not enough remaining space on that day.  If you did not get your first choice, please do not email us asking us to switch you into that event.  It is full and we will not have space open up (teams do not drop out of events).  The ONLY events in the state with open space are listed below. 
11/5/16: Newport News, Christiansburg, Harrisonburg, Chesterfield, Ashburn, Manassas, Falls Church
11/6/16: Falls Church (div 1 only)
11/12/16: Abingdon, Lynchburg
Any tournament or division changes will be first-come, first-serve and will have to happen very soon as I plan to get the team lists to the tournament directors early next week (the earlier I get those lists out, the earlier they can send you welcome emails).  You can expect to get a welcome email from your tournament director sometime in the next few weeks that will have general information about their event (location, general time line, what to expect, etc.).  Please do not expect to have a detailed schedule until the event itself, though many tournaments will send out tentative schedules about a week before the event (these are subject to change so your team should plan to be at the event for the entire time).
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all at one of the 21 regional tournaments in November!
Karen Berger
VA-DC FLL Regional Tournament Coordinator
Newport News Regional Tournament Director

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