The questions that Pete raises are good examples for application of GP2, Interpretation:

If a detail isn’t mentioned, then it doesn’t matter.
Robot Game text means exactly and only what it plainly says.
If a word isn’t given a game definition, use its common conversational meaning. 

Here's what your teams should read
M01 - Shark Shipment
Bonus:  Shark is touching only the tank floor and no wall
1.  The mission condition for the Bonus only talks about the Shark not touching the walls, so it doesn't matter for the Bonus if anything else is touching the walls.
2.  "no wall".  Since the Missions don't specify any particular type of wall, we use the common conversational meaning, and "no wall" would include both the end and side walls of the tank.

M08 - Camera Recovery
Scoring condition:  The Camera is completely in Base.
There aren't any other restrictions listed, so they shouldn't matter.
You can also see that in R14, Interrupting, we can consider objects to be completely in Base, even if the Robot is Transporting them.  Similarly, in R13, Launching, the robot and everything it's touching or about to use has to be completely in Base, so the position or proximity of the Robot shouldn't have any impact on whether the Camera is in Base.

Also note from R12, Storage, that objects in Storage off the field are considered to be completely in Base.

M10 - Beekeeping, picture of Training and Research Area
Here we use GP5, first bullet
  • Pictures and video have no authority, except when talked about in #1, #2, or #3. 

The Mission text doesn't mention the picture so you should ignore it for this mission.
(It's pretty clear to me that the picture is just an example of bad captioning, since we need to identify the Training and Research Area for M09, and it's nice to illustrate Beekeeping for M10, but we'd have to use the actual written text if it mattered.)

Other questions--setting up for a Launch in Base
R13, Launching, says

Your Robot and everything in Base it’s about to move or use is arranged by hand as you like, all fitting completely in Base

So you are allowed to orient your Robot and arrange other objects any way you like before a Launch, as long as everything fits completely in Base.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 1:10 PM, Pete Schoenhoff <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
We're a first-year team, and I'm a first-year coach, so it's possible that these questions will have obvious answers to most experienced teams, but we can't figure them out...

M01: Shark Shipment - "not touching her tank's walls".
  1. Does this mean:
    • The robot can't touch the tank walls?
    • The shark can't touch the tank walls?
    • ... or both?
  2. Also, do "walls" mean:
    • The blue/glass walls?
    • The beige/opaque walls?
    • ... or both?
M08: Camera Recovery - "Camera is completely in Base".
  1. Does this mean:
    • The robot (in Base) can still be holding the Camera?
    • The robot must set the Camera down in Base?
M10: Bee Keeping - start location of bee
  1. There is conflicting information here:
    • A callout picture in The Robot Game, section M10 seems to suggest that the rectangle-outlined "Training & Research Area" is relevant.
    • The Overhead pictures suggest that it's on the opposite side of the teeterboard, nowhere near the rectangle.
    • The text for M10 provides no information; I initially assumed it started in the Base.
  1. For missions where you move something from the home space to a target location, can our team determine where in the home space the object sits?
    • For example: the shark tank.
    • For example: Can it sit immediately in front of the robot?
  2. Is there a specific spot/orientation in the Base that our robot must start in, or is that our own discretion?
  - pete

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