Hello to all teams,
  I've attached a copy of the scoresheet that we plan to use at all Virginia-DC FLL tournaments this year, if your teams want to become familiar with it.

  The questions should look very familiar from the Missions.  There may be a small surprise hidden in the answers though...

  If you have any questions on the scoresheet, please send them to [log in to unmask], rather than to the whole VADCFLL list.  I will tell you that the scoresheet is correct.

  Please note that there is a blank for Team Initials at the bottom of the scoresheet.  The table referee will ask for one of the team members to mark there to show that the team agrees with what is recorded on the scoresheet.  The scoresheet is final once the team indicates agreement.

R19 - Scoring
  • If you agree with everything, you sign the sheet, and the scoresheet is final.

Sometimes rookie teams will initial the scoresheet just because a referee has asked them to, but the team member who signs should know that it is important to look at what the referee is marking to make sure that it is correct.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

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