I would like to thank the VA DC FLL League for an opportunity to participate in the State Championship.  This was our school's first experience at this level, and what an amazing weekend and experience it was.  Thank you to all the Judge's, Referees, and volunteers.  Without all your hard work and extra hours the events would not have been as enriching as they were.  Congratulation to the three teams continuing on to Worlds, The Razorback Invitational, and LEGO-Land.  I am sure that you will make our state proud.  Thank you to all the other teams for their Gracious Professionalism.  At the end of the day we learned more for the experiences at the tournament than we ever could imagine.  Those experiences will help mold these students to young professionals that will use the Core Values and change to the world.


Matthew Denyszyn
Head Coach
Rockledge Elementary School 
Electo Eagles Green 25187
Electo Eagles Gold 25188
Electo Eagles Black 25189

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