Hello all,


Greetings from the rookie team Robotic Rhinos and their rookie (but trying hard!) coach, in Salem VA.


I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in terms of the team’s preparation for tournament, since our first choice is in just over three weeks.  It gets a little confusing working between the local and global requirements.


Can you check my list?  (Obviously these are mostly to-dos for the kids, but I want to make sure they don’t miss a major item.)


-prepare for robot game, bring robot & laptop

-robot design journal/summary/other documents are OPTIONAL


-prepare 5 minute project presentation, bring needed props

-consult with at least one expert about the problem

-share proposed solution with at least one audience

-bringing a poster about the project & solution for the pit area is OPTIONAL


-core values poster is OPTIONAL


-t-shirts and other team spirit items are OPTIONAL, but a really good idea


-get all team members set up through firstinspires.org – do I just print the roster and bring it, or do I need waivers printed, too?  Are there both firstinspires and va-dcfll waivers to do?


-pick tournaments – already done! (when do we hear?)


Thanks everyone!


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