I am so glad to have this group to help one another as we prepare for the tournaments.
My question is about the project presentation.  As we were reviewing the rules yesterday, we realized it says live presentations.
My groups as some members really interested and capable of video editing.  They were hoping to make their presentation in the form of a news cast.  This idea came about because the room we use for practice has a green screen.  All our team members have a part and have even begun writing their scripts as news anchors, reporters and those being interviewed.
Do you think doing it as a video and bringing a laptop to show the presentation is ok?  All the members will be there and ready to answer questions.  Is there a way to use this concept and wrap it somehow in a live presentation?  What do ya'll think?  
I just want to encourage their creativity and interest in learning how to create and edit videos as part of this process.
Thanks everyone!!!

Dawn Compton
Mount Hermon UMC
171 Mount Hermon Road
Lynch Station VA 24571

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