Hello Virginia-DC FLL teams!  Congratulations to all teams who participated at FLL Qualifying Tournaments in November and those who were invited to the VA-DC FLL Championship Tournament in December.

It was a pleasure to meet some of the teams at the VA-DC FLL Championship Tournament this past Saturday.  We had the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) playing field and 3 FTC teams working on their competition robot at Saturday's event on December 2.

We'd like to invite all VA-DC FLL teams to upcoming FTC tournaments taking place from December to February.  For teams who are aging out of the FLL program, we hope that you'll consider moving on to FTC.   FTC is for middle school and high school students.  One of the best ways to learn more about the FTC program is by volunteering at FTC tournaments.  😊 

Below is a list of upcoming FTC tournaments in Virginia:

Please consider volunteering for any of these FTC events.  Training is provided for volunteer positions.  To read more about how to volunteer, go to:  https://www.firstchesapeake.org/volunteer

If you're unable to volunteer, we hope that you will come as a spectator to checkout the program and cheer for the FTC teams.

Thank you for being part of FIRST.  We hope to see you at upcoming FIRST events throughout the school year.  

With high 5's and great admiration,

Angie Fontanilla 

Senior Mentor, Washington DC, FIRST ® 


or Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

200 Bedford Street  |  Manchester, NH 03101  |  www.firstinspires.org

Phone:  703-405-2912 |  [log in to unmask]

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