Happy New Year!

I wanted to add to Angie’s request for VA/DC FLL teams to step up and help out at at Maryland tournaments next weekend. Now that our season is done, this is an EXCELLENT way to not only give back to FLL, but also to prepare for next season. As someone who has been volunteering at tournaments for 16 years and coaching teams for 6 of those years, I cannot emphasize how much I have gained as a coach by volunteering at tournaments. It is one thing to read about how the judging process works, it is another thing entirely to be a part of it. Not only have I enjoyed getting to see hundreds of teams in action over the years - these kids really are amazing! - but I have also gotten great ideas to share with my teams about how successful teams work together and effective ways to share that work both outside of and at a tournament.

Please consider volunteering some of your time…you won’t regret it!


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Happy New Year to all VA-DC FLL and FLL Jr teams!

Maryland's FLL Qualifying Tournaments are still in progress and they need volunteers for the 6 FLL tournaments taking place in various locations next Saturday, January 13.  

NOTE:  Immediate need for volunteers at Ft. Washington, MD event 

We are reaching out to all FLL and FLL Jr teams in Virginia/DC to encourage you to "give back" and help out the Maryland FLL program.  Many of their volunteers often "cross the river" to help out in VA-DC FLL tournaments in November/December.  

For FLL coaches/mentors, volunteering as an FLL tournament judge is a great way of learning more about the FLL program.  You can bring that experience back to your team next season.  

For FLL Jr coaches/mentors, this is an opportunity for you to get a close-up look on what FLL teams can accomplish during their season.  You can use this experience to help prepare your team members for FLL next season.

Wishing you and your FIRST team the best in 2018.


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