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Today is the day for NASA's weekly live broadcast that gives FLL teams an opportunity to speak with NASA experts.  NASA also has a dedicated email address to which teams can send their questions.

Past webinars and many other resources are available online. ‎ More information is below.


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Hi Ms. Schauer,


Thank you so much for reaching out to us. NASA has a variety of things available for FIRST this year. A lot of teams are asking some really amazing questions. We have set up a special mailbox [log in to unmask] where they can send any questions they have along their journey. We have a team of experts gathering information and sending responses to teams.  Also, the Education Professional Development Collaborative conducts webinars for FIRST Lego League teams. You can view the recording at

https://robotics.nasa.gov/news_feature.php?id=629. You can go to this website for informationhttps://robotics.nasa.gov.


Speakers bureau has set up a series of DEEP Talks. They occur every Tuesday at 2 p.m. and give teams a chance to ask experts questions. September 11th was the first webcast and our next broadcast can view today at two here NASA Virtual Appearances. Teams can find the archived video here: DEEP Talk Series: Week 1In fact, all the talks will be archived so teams can watch when they meet.


For additional NASA STEM educational materials please visit: https://www.nasa.gov/education/partnerships/stem-engagement-assets-expertise.html


If you are looking for a NASA speaker to speak to a group of students virtually (online through skype or facetime) please submit a request to the NASA Speakers bureau here:



Thank you!


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