There are lots of good questions here about what the team can do outside of Base.  Most of the answers start with R10 -- Handling During the Match

There are three main points:
1) Changes the Robot makes outside of Base stay that way
2) The team members may not touch anything outside of Base--except they may rescue their Robot
3) The team members may not send anything outside of Base by hand, except by Launching the Robot.

1a.  The team Technicians may rescue the Robot and bring it back to Base to Relaunch it, or they may ask the Referee to rescue it for them.
1b.  If a piece breaks off the Robot, the team may bring that piece back to Base, too.  If the piece is designed to detach, then it's a little more complicated, based on R14 and R15.  Generally speaking, if the Robot is still in contact with a piece of Equipment that it brought from Base, then that Equipment goes back to Base with the Robot during a rescue.  If the Robot left it somewhere on the Field, then it stays where it is.

2a & b.  See R10, bullet 3 and R15,  If the Robot is transporting something out in the Field and loses contact with it, then those things stay where they are.  The Robot can drive back out and try to move them, but the team cannot pick them up to reload them.

Steve Scherr
Virginia-DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 9:59 AM Srini S <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Got couple of questions.  I couldn't understand the rules... apologies  in advance........

1. a. if my robot get stuck at a wall and keeps turning at the same spot, can my team technician stop the robot and restart it ? or should he request the referee to do it?

b. while doing some mission, if it get stuck in  a TIGHT turn , and the parts break down, can the technician RETRIEVE the robot and the attachments and fix it again. or SHOULD we request the referee to get it ....

2. While transporting items -  things fall down before the target..
a. for ex - M01  space travel - supply payload and crew payload... , while loading...  if it falls down on the way, -- failure to load, can the technician again retrieve it and retry it....
b. M12 satellite orbits - while transporting satellite  towards the outer orbit,, if it doesn't reach the target , can the technician retrieve it back , and try it once again.

Thanks in advance.

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