HI there!


First of all, so very thankful to be connected with you all as we prepare these awesome kiddos for their missions, project, and tournaments.  Thank you so much!  It has helped to see what everyone is experiencing and to get such valuable advice each week.


I have a quick question on the Engineering Notebook.  Our team has done so much research between the project/mission/etc, but they’ve done it with our own team question sheets week by week, with their printouts of research for the project, their programming notes, etc.  They will have it in their own Engineering Binder to share in their judging rooms (not the exact one from the FLL website). 


Is that okay that they have their own?

Do the judges keep this Engineering Binder?

Do the kids take it to certain judging rooms?

Do the judges want to keep the binder?


Just wanted to be prepared so we can gauge 1 binder or if we needed to make copies, based on what they have?



Jenny Scott

Co-Coach of the Foxtronauts



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