Over the last 4 years the team did really well learnt a lot, but now we
are moving on to other things. FLL is an amazing experience and I hope more
kids get to experience it.

In order to free space in my basement, my preference is to sell everything
below to one person; they will have everything (and more) to start the
team. I am in the Herndon/Reston area.

*Here is what I have : *

Full competition table (2.5” border which is painted black) – includes a
partial dummy  (less than 2 ft) wall to keep the weight of the table
manageable, you can move the dummy wall to the part of the table for the
shared mission.

2 Foldable Saw horses that act as a stand for the table

Mats and mission models for the following years.  Note most of the mission
models were disassembled and merged into the pool of Lego pieces inventory
below, and you could most likely rebuild the mission models for these
years., but I can't guarantee it

   - 2018 - Into Orbit  - mission models are intact in a separate bag
   - 2017-  Hydrodynamics
   - 2016  - Animal Allies
   - 2014 - World Class Mat

Our set contains an aggregation of the following Robotics set we had
purchased over the years:

   - NXT Set
   - EV3 Set + Expansion Set
   - EV3 Set + Expansion Set (A second set- so the team could build two
   similar Robots for testing :-)

In addition over the years, we had bought additional Beams straight,
angled, Panels, Gears, Wheels, Medium Motors, Gyros, Color Sensors,
connectors, cables, pulleys, and hundreds of other smaller lego parts.

All smaller pieces are organized in a labeled 39-drawer storage cabinet
contains 30 medium and 9 large drawers to organize and protect small
items.  Larger Beams, axels, gears, wheels in separate see-through boxes.
We may have some of our Design folders and posters the team made, that you
can have as well for reference.



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